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Blade Kingdom Customer Service

We at Blade Kingdom offer a lot of ways to keep in touch with our valuable customers. Whether its about order processing or simple queries that you may have, we will assist you at all cost. When your order is perfectly delivered to you, still you can contact us for any issue you may face. Note that spam emails and comments made on this website will be automatically blocked.


First of all, this site’s default contact form can be used to contact us. When we receive an inquiry, it will be answered within 24 hours. You will be required to fill up all the necessary details while submitting the form. Or else, your inquiry won’t count.


You can also use our business email to contact us. Please note that you will be required to mention your subject while writing us. In this way, we could sort out and process your inquiry quickly and answer within 24 hours.


All payments are made only via PayPal. If you got any debit/credit card, the same method can be used for paying for your purchases made through this site.

Additional Charges

Note that we won’t charge you a single additional dime on your order. You will just have to pay for the shipping and the product’s price. Similarly, any additional charges demanded by your custom won’t be received by us.