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Blade Kingdom's Legal Terms & Conditions


We store some small files on your computer’s hard drive called cookies, for analyzing user behavior and improving our marketing techniques. These files are automatically stored in your hard drive when you visit us and are deleted when you clear your browsers history. They reveal your online identity such as IP address, browser version, OS type, PC’s info, your local time and location etc. By visiting us, you agree that you give us permission to store such files.


All the contents including but not limited to graphics, images, logos, text and banners are legal trademarks of Blade Kingdom and should not be used by you for commercial use under any situation without our proper consent. If we find out that you have used our images or any other contents, we may sue you as per law and also file a DMCA complaint that will greatly affect both your personality and online presence.

Errors, Omissions & Mistakes

Human error can occur anytime. Its not a big deal. We do not guarantee that all the contents present on this site are 100% accurate. Typo errors and other omissions could be there without our noticing. Therefore, your cooperation in this regard would matter to us.


All the prices on this store are correct or at least were correct at the time of product uploading. We may change the price of any item without giving any prior notice if we feel like it.

Right to cancel

We have the right to cancel any order if it suddenly becomes out of stock or we detect any issue with your payment processor. We may also cancel if your provided info (address, billing address, name etc) is incorrect. If we have the slightest suspicion, we may cancel your order without any prior notice.

Refund Procedure

We can issue you a refund if you agree to send the item back to our factory. You will have to pay for the return shipping. Before demanding a refund, contact us to see if your issue is resolved within 48 hours, if not, then you proceed as desired. And the refund could take from 2 – 4 working days after we have received the item.

Duties and other charges

Some states require additional charge before they hand over your product to you. If such a case happens, we will not be liable as we only charge item cost + shipping. You agree that you will not complaint about any import duty, handling charges or other fees if charged by your custom.

If you do not agree to all or any of these terms, simply exit this website at your earliest. These terms and conditions are made for the betterment of our valuable users and customers.