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Blade Kingdom's Privacy Policy

Here at Blade Kingdom, we take the privacy of our valuable users/customers seriously and never reveal it to third parties under any circumstances. Its a promise we have made with our users and we will not ever hurt their feelings by making terminating this contract.

We only collect info via cookies and the primary purposes of collecting such info is to improve our products/services, marketing strategies and understanding the user behavior while he’s on our site. And the information you provide us while placing an order (like full name, billing address, address, phone number, email) is only used for processing your order and delivering the parcel to your destination. We may also use your email to keep you updated with our latest products, services and promotions. If you do not want to receive such info, you may just unsubscribe from our newsletter service anytime you feel like it and you will not be bothered again. Besides that, everything works out. To know more about what in the world these cookies are that you’ve heard so much about, read the below.


We store some small files on your computer’s hard drive called cookies, for analyzing user behavior and improving our marketing techniques. These files are automatically stored in your hard drive when you visit us and are deleted when you clear your browsers history. They reveal your online identity such as IP address, browser version, OS type, PC’s info, your local time and location etc. By visiting us, you agree that you give us permission to store such files.