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100% Secured Shopping at BladeKingdom

The biggest problem online stores face is security. And all it takes to leak out your confidential data is a simple security breach. But it won’t happen in our case as we use the most secure CMS, payment processor and make sure your sensitive data never gets out.


Our content management system is updated and contains all the security updates necessary to keep your information safe. We don’t guarantee that our site is 100% hack proof. But at least we have taken care of every possible flaw or bug from our end to make sure its 100% safe. And when more future updates for our CMS come, we will install them too.

Payment Processor

We only use PayPal, which is without a doubt world’s number 1 safest payment processor. Not only its secure, but also safer for customer as it prevents the risk of frauds and errors occurred in transactions. Besides, we don’t accept debit/credit card payments directly on our retail shop, but rather prefer accepting debit/credit payments via paypal.

15 Days Return Policy

We also make sure you are happy with our products and services, that’s why if you feel like swaping the item with another one or simply want a refund, we could happily do that. All you have to do is take a look at our returns/exchange policy, make sure you’re eligible in the light of those policies, and send the item back to us.

So, in the light of above contents, you know that your shopping with us is 100% secure.